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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Photo-A-Day #22 04/30/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Today we went to the Cape. And while we were there we visited my grandparents and caught up with my sister Shelby and my parents and then Allison,Mom,Dad and Shelby and I went to the British Beer Company for lunch. It's a great place, there are many saying written all over the walls about drinks. A good time and great food.

Dad's New Tree

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This is Dad's new tree at the Cape. We're hoping that eventually it will grow pretty tall and we will get our privacy back. You see the house behind it, well for the past 20+ years you couldn't see the house behind the fence at this angle, or you coud only see the roof. The old house was torn down and this one went up in its place. So therefore... the tree. It is a Maple something, I know it has red in the name, Like Maple -blank- Red or something like that.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Photo-A-Day #21 04/29/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
I really need to go on another trip soon. I've taken way too many pictures of the cats already, but tonight I got another. This is Oliver and he likes to be held in my arms like a baby on his back. He's very very cute when he does this. I went for a bike ride today and passed some beautiful new foals in a field, but didn't take my camera with me. Maybe next time.

*This was posted on April 30th to this blog but on April 29th to Buzznet.

Photo-A-Day problems.

Okay there is no picture on the blog for the Photo-A-Day. The blog this function for buzznet doesn't seem to be working, but once it is I will post up the photo here. In the meantime you can see today's Photo-A-Day by going to this link. Buzznet Photo-A-Day.

So I haven't posted alot lately. I did make mention of the fact that Allison and I are heading to Boston on Thursday night to see the Serenity preview. I can't wait. I'll have a good photo from that hopefully.

When I went to the see the Serenity trailer I noticed alot of other trailers out there from some funny and interesting movies that are coming soon.

First off is Batman Begins. Some exciting news about this movie is that it is being pushed up on its release date.

And there is a newer trailer for Fantastic Four too. And it isn't as bad as the first one that came out, in fact I may even be a little excited to see this one. I figure it will be sorta like the hulk movie, which, while it was visually interesting wasn't much of a good movie all in all. But I have higher hopes for Fantastic Four because it is less CGI dependant.

And I can't resist an Owen Wilson movie especially when he is paired with Vince Vaughn. And that is what you get with the Wedding Crashers. Two guys whose mission is to crash weddings and hook up with the single ladies at the weddings.

I don't know alot about this movie The House of D, but it looks like an interesting one.

How about web comics. What have I been reading lately...

Dr. Devious vs. Lincoln High. The premise is that an evil genius from a James Bond type movie has been incarcerated for 30 years and when he gets out is put to work as a High School Biology teacher. And some of his henchmen are also teachers in the school. The comic isn't that old yet and there are only about 100 comics so far. Quick and easy to get caught up.

Real Life. I finally finished reading through the backlog of this comic. And it is one of my favorite ones so far. Greg Dean has a great style and some fantastic humor.

So check these out and enjoy.

Also, tonight Allison and I watched the first two episodes of Firefly, titled Serenity. To get ready for the Serenity movie. Confused, you shouldn't be, you should buy the Firefly DVD on the right and get caught up and be prepared for September 30th. Can' Stop the Signal!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Photo-A-Day #20 04/28/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Gotta love Margaritaville Tequila. The weather is here and I wish you were beautiful. It is getting to be warm enough to have some Margaritas out on the porch. Can't wait to get down to the Cape and start living on Key West time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Is he comfortable?

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Duncan hardly ever sleeps in this position, that I've seen. Anyway the three boys had a lazy day today. It was raining out and a perfect day for napping.

Photo-A-Day #19 04/27/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Oliver has been all over me this afternoon, he finally settled down and sat at the computer. But I think he wants to use the mouse.

Oh, I shall be misbehavin'.....

So yesterday the Serenity Trailer goes up on the web. And this morning I get an e-mail from the Browncoats, well actually from Joss Whedon through the Browncoats. The gist of the e-mail was that there is going to be an advanced screening next Thursday, a full 5 months prior to the actual movie release. And guess who got me tickets!!! Yes Allison was able to snag two tickets for us to see the show at the Boston Lowes Boston Common Theatre. I'm home today out sick because of a Dentist appointment and this morning I was trying to get tickets all morning and Fandango was not working correctly so I couldn't get through so I asked Allison to keep an eye on the site and low and behold I get a message from Allison telling me that she scored tickets. And I'm glad I asked her because it is now sold out. Shiny!!! (If you don't get that reference then you need to go and get you some Firefly DVD's)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I aim to misbehave...

With those words, Captain Malcolm Reynolds gets the excitement up for Serenity, the new movie from the mind of Joss Whedon. Ever since Firefly was cancelled from TV I've been waiting for this movie to come out. I still have to wait some time longer (Serenity opens September 30, 2005). The trailer came out today at 4:00pm. And it was awesome. There is humor, action and some big damn heroes. If you are not up on the mythos behind Firefly, do yourself a favor and buy the DVD's and watch them all. Over and over. The episodes are fantastic. If I recommend any movie this year, besides my major write ups about Sahara, then this would be the one you must see. You need to see Serenity. It would be so incredible if the movie did well enough to get the show back on TV. That would be amazing and an unheard of accomplishment. And if the movie does well then Joss Whedon will have done another amazing accomplishment. And that is being the man who took a failed movie and made a hit TV show and then taking a failed TV show and making a hit movie. I really hope that happens.

Photo-A-Day #18 04/26/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is my sister Tara's dog Taylor. As you can see she was way too fast for me to focus on and catch as she was playing catch with her tennis ball. I did manage to get a couple of good photos of the dogs right after this one, but since this is the Photo-A-Day section, meaning one photo only I choose this one because I found it funny. I'll post the other two photos in another gallery.

Daisy Sitting Pretty

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is Daisy. She has alot of energy. Tara got her to sit for a minute. This photo reminds me on one of those "Dog" photos that are all over cards and whatnot.

Taylor Sitting Pretty

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is Taylor. She also has alot of energy. She took a break during her tennis ball fetch game to sit and pose for a photo.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Photo-A-Day #17 04/25/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is the church where we are going to be married in 200 days! At night the alcove where Jesus is standing is lit up. Last night the full mooon was out and a little behind the where the steeple used to be and it looked so amazing. We can see the church from our living room window. So I better not be late on the wedding day.

200 Days

Yep today marks 200 days till our wedding. We've gotten alot of the preparation completed but still have alot to do.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Weekend in New Hampshire

This weekend Allison and I went to New Hampshire. It rained and we spent alot of time at the house. Allison and Marcia spent alot of time at the mall and Dan and I hung around the house. Today Allison and I put a few things on our Macy's registry, flatware and wine glasses and the sort. We'd both like to that Dan and Marcia for their very generous gift too! That is going to help us out alot as we prepare for the wedding. Tomorrow is 200 days till the wedding!

Photo-A-Day #16 04/24/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Sunday is shopping day. Our now fully stocked freezer is ready for the week ahead. Actually we're more than ready. Since we got the vacusealer, or suckatizer as Allison calles it we're able to get plenty of meats and freeze them in airtight sealed packages. So on sunday we usually do all the shopping, not really the best day to do it but the one we have chosen.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Photo-A-Day #15 04/23/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Today it rained, almost all day. We are in New Hampshire visiting Marcia and Dan. Allison and Marcia went to the Mall to poke around. Dan and I hung out and watched Super Volcano. Okay we are ready to duck and cover now. And they were gone for a couple of hours and that is a good thing because it took about that long to upload today's photo through the Infrared connection between the iPaq and laptop. So I guess I'll be taking a card reader with me next time I am away from the house so photo uploads won't make me long for teeth being pulled. Sorry today's photo is kinda lame, I didn't feel like getting off the porch.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Photo-A-Day #14 04/22/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Grimlock is one of my favorite characters from the Transformers. His most recent incarnation is that of a Ford Mustang GT. He was a dinobot, (a Tyranasuarus Rex even.) when Transformers came out 20 years ago. I can't believe I still like a toy line that has been going strong for 20 years. Anyway, this line of Transformers are called Alternators. They were made as a line for collectors and the line is awesome, the detail and the complexity of the transformation is fantastic. I saw Grimlock on my desk and put him up on my computer to give a different perspective for the shot. Notice too Optimus Prime off in the background. He may become a future Photo-A-Day subject. Also check out the computer screen it is a picture of Grimlock and Slingshot of the Arielbots playing football, slingshot is about to get smashed. That image is from the Stupid Lamborgini Tricks website.

A real post...

I know I haven't put up a 'real' post in a while. I've been busy putting up brief recaps and the Photo-A-Day and have neglected putting up 'real' posts about the fun and interesting things I've found on the internet.

Well I listen to WERS 88.9FM in the mornings because they play folk music and I really like how it is commercial free. I kept meaning to give them a donation last week during live music week. Anyway, there is a song out now by Antje Duvekot called Judas and it is such a good song. It is from her new album called Boys, Flowers, Miles, this is her newest album, she has many more. WERS 88.9FM plays Judas almost every morning and it doesn't feel right not hearing it in the morning. Antje has a beautiful soulful voice and her songs are so great to listen to. I just saw that she is playing with one of our favorite singers, Ellis Paul, in North Andover MA. I'd love to go see the show.

Let's see today I was introduced to the Bovine Blog. It is a blog written from a cows perspective and is funny. It also links to bovineunite.com. An underground cow movement. The website looks all Animal farm and stuff. There are some funny videos of people in cow suits.

How are you liking the Photo-A-Day project? I found out that instead of a mere 60 photos a month, Buzznet gives me 120 photos a month. So I started taking photos of my Harley Davidson Pin collection too. And adding little stories about how I got each one. If anyone is interested i getting their own Buzznet PhotoBlog for photos please e-mail me at abennett96 @ gmail . com. I want to invite you to be one of my Buzznet PhotoBlog friends.

Also I just discovered that I have an annoying habit. And I know it is annoying because I actually realized that I do it. Have you ever realized that one of your quirks is really annoying, true story happened to me. I recently noticed that I laugh at my own jokes. I will say something that I think is funny and at the end I put a little, "uh, huh, huh" or something like that after it. Well, I am now aware of this and am working on controlling this involuntary behavior. I just can't believe I've been doing it for so long, and no one has ever pointed it out to me, I found it on my own. Weird.

I've become very addicted to Runescape. Runescape is an online role playing game where you choose a character then immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you fight monsters and mine for ores and learn crafting and try to improve a number of different skills. There is a great resource for information about how to play Runescape at http://www.tip.it.

Climbing up onto my pet peeve soapbox.

My friend Mo sent me a link to this article in the Union Leader from New Hampshire. There was a pellet gun shooting on the Campus of Saint Anselm. Apparently some Skateboarders were shot with a Pellet Gun. And a suspect is under investigation. Obviously I did not share the same outrage that Mo did. Here's my take on it. I used to be a Resident Hall Director at Saint Anselm College. I would have to deal with students and non-students all the time. And one of the things that really ticked me off was the local kids coming onto campus and skateboarding all over the place. The world is not your Skate Park! I'm not saying shoot them with pellet guns, but I can see how someone who had a pellet gun might want to shoot these little pests. (Not that I am condoning someone having a pellet gun on campus. When I was a student one of my former roommates shot some girl in the leg with a pellet gun and it was a mean thing to do.) However, the weather is getting better and they (our local unwashed mass of skateboarding preteens) are starting to hang out in front of our church again. This is where they jump their skateboards into the street. A danger here is that you cannot see very well coming up the street at 4-5:00 because of the sun glare. And it would be my fault if I hit one of these airborne morons who flew in front of my car. And it isn't the skateboarding so much it is that they suck at it. For one thing they are practicing their tricks out in front of the church or in front of our house. Each time they land they invariably fall on the ground, almost always in the street. And I can see some poor old lady driving up the street and hitting one of these kids and being so upset about hurting them, and it wasn't her fault. They have put cracks and chips on our granite wall and ruined a few of the church steps with their constant slamming down of their boards. So maybe a pellet gun shot in the ass is what they need because their parents didn't put a boot in it and teach their children about private property.

Soapbox dismount!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Windshield Fixed

Well the windshield is all fixed. JN Phillips Auto Glass fixed the windshield in the parking lot of work. They were very helpful and showed up early and I didn't even lose my inspection sticker and have to go get another. So that was a bonus, because I was expecting that I would have to do that after work. So today I am looking at the list of the people who have recently been hired at work and low and behold I actually know someone. So I sent her a message and she had just started on Monday. We had lunch today and I introduced her to a few people in the group. The thing that is the most coincidental is that she is now working for the group I just left and has my old supervisor as her supervisor. Small world.

Photo-A-Day #13 04/21/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is the Wisteria that has taken over the side porch. It has been slowly taking over year after year. I have to cut alot back each year. (Obviously I haven't done it yet.) But it smells nice and Allison thinks it is pretty. The porch may beg to differ.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Photo-A-Day #12 04/20/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
So tomorrow I will finally get the windshield fixed on my car. The crack extends the entire way across the entire windshield. Lucily the crack was low and didn't impare my view of the road. Allison is being a funny guy and getting her hands in the photo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Guys Night April 2005

Last night I went to the Funway Cafe with Neil, Derek and Mike. We did our usual thing of hanging at the bar till everyone showed up having a beer and some popcorn. I think I refilled the popcorn bowls about 8 times. I love popcorn. If I could I would register for this for the future finished basement theatre (My pipedream house in the future.) Of course any 8oz. Popcorn machine would work too and I'll just have to custom paint it with Harley designs. But anyway, Derek and Mike showed up and we moved to the couches and ordered, yep you guessed it Boneless Buffalo wings and fries. It's the traditional guys night fare. The bartender ended up as our waiter and forgot about us most of the night, he gave us our sodas free. I thought Neil was going to have to bus the table. It was good to see the guys and hang out for a while.

Photo-A-Day #11 04/19/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is the front end of Meister, the Japanese name for Jazz, a member of the autobots. It is one of the Transformers Alternators that is sitting on my desk. I was messing around with the macro lens on my camera while photographing for my new gallery, Harley Davidson Pins, and I decided to take a shot of the wheels on Meister.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Tara Finished

I just got the final numbers.

Tara finished her first Boston Marathon!!

Way to go Tara!

Marathon Update

Well, I can't update the chart Drew had going, but Tara Made the 30k mark in 3:30:13

I'll post again before I head out the door.

Photo-A-Day #10 04/18/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This ceramic Cobra used to live in Tara's garden, now it graces the soon to be garden next to the garage apartments.

Marathon Monday

Today my sister Tara is running in the Boston Marathon with the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team. She's been training like crazy and has put over 4 hours of music on her i-Pod Shuffle. So she is ready. I'll be getting frequent updates as she makes her way along the course throughout the day. Good Luck Tara!

There is still time to donate to Dana-Farber.

The Boston Marathon website.

Track Tara's Progress. Enter Bib Number 17446

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Photo-A-Day #9 04/17/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com

Today was a beautiful day. Allison and I took the Q Grill out to the side yard by the garage and sat out in Tara's chairs. We grilled half a kielbasa and enjoyed the sun. Then we went out and took a walk and visited Corrine and Jeff. When we got back I saw this flower that was a god sign of spring being here. I don't know what kind it is but I really liked it.

Dinner with Derek and Michelle

Last night Allison and I went to Box Seats for dinner with Derek and Michelle. We had a great time and as always the food was great too. It was nice to catch back up with them.

After dinner we walked over to the Route One Cinema Pub to see the Bruce Willis movie Hostage. Talk about a tension filled movie. This is most definitely not a children's movie. Or even a young teenagers'. The movie was very violent and realistic. Bruce Willis gave a stellar performance as hostage negotiator turned small town police chief, Jeff Talley. I think this is one of his best performances I have ever seen. Another shining performance was by Ben Foster, a Boston native who starred in such Disney sitcoms as Flash Forward. He also plays Russell Corwin on the show Six Feet Under. I have never seen Ben Foster as a villain, ever. This guy has mousketeer written all over him, or at least he did. Ben Foster gave the most convincing and disturbing performance as Mars Krupcheck, a young man with a very troubled past who dupes to brothers into trying to boost a car from a rich man's garage. What happens next is a very suspenseful hour and a half. At one point in the movie I had my arms around Allison and as the action got more intense and (the kind of action where someone is right behind you at the worst possible time and there is alot of screaming, even from the audience.) Yeah that kind of action. Well anyway Allison nearly took a big chunk out of my hand with her teeth because we were holding so tightly together. There was so much tension in the theatre. The suspense was so intense. I think it had to be one of the most intense movies I've ever seen. I was literally on the edge of my seat, glued to the screen for the last hour of the movie.

And like all movies I see with Derek this one was pretty good......except for the ending. Huh!

Disclaimer: Please disregard the previous statement about the ending the ending was good too, that message is intended for those audiences who have ever sat through a movie with Derek or Neil or myself or who have had the privilege of seeing a movie with the three of us. It has become our end of the movie catch phrase.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Photo-A-Day #8 04/16/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Oh what a lazy day. Oliver napping in the sunny spot. Just a relaxing day for us here.

Dinner with Andy and Rondi

Last night Allison and I went to visit our friends Andy and Rondi at their new house. It's a great ranch and they've already done so much work to it. Andy took us on the tour of the house which includes a great huge basement. I have basement envy at the moment. It's much worse than the table envy that Andy has. Speaking of the table that is where I am writing this post from, the new lift top table, (see yesterday's Photo-A-Day.) because for some reason I cannot get onto Verizon this morning. I am going to check that soon because I have a feeling that because I called the other day to see if I could cancel my DSL service (so I could get on my family's wireless network) they cancelled the service even though I went back and forth with the guy about the $99.00 cancellation fee (I got into a year long contract before my dad got comcast and we set up the wireless network. I was into the contract for 34 days, 4 days more than when I could have cancelled for free.). So I don't know what is wrong with Verizon but it would be my luck that they cancelled it on me even though I told them not too.

Back to last night. Allison and I went to Andy and Rondi's for dinner and games. Dinner was great with a salad with crasins, walnuts and feta, and mashed potatoes and BBQ chicken. Mr. Tubb's BBQ sauce apparently is under pressure because it exploded on my hand when I opened it, but its tasty stuff because his life is in it. What a weird tagline for a BBQ sauce. When you are in the grocery store sometimes pick up some Mr. Tubb's BBQ sauce and read it, but be careful contents are under pressure.

After dinner we played Catch Phrase or rather Smack it (what Allison calls it.). The guys won that one, and then we played Taboo, and the ladies were the winners there. We ended up talking to about 11:45 and then made our way home. Wehad a great night hanging out with Andy and Rondi and were the first people to see the fireplace get used in that house, ever. And it was just cool enough last night that a fire made things very toasty and cozy. Congratulations on the new house guys, we look forward to spending more time with you guys soon.

Got some pictures too. You see Andy reads the blog almost as often as I post so of course there are gonna be pictures.

Grilling like manly men.

The final scores of Taboo. Rondi said many times, that's gonna be on the blog, and well this thing did make it onto the blog. :-)

Friday, April 15, 2005

I fell for it.

Yeah, I fell for the whole save toby thing. Check out this link to snopes.com. Well if there really was a guy doing that then I would still be as mad as my previous post. Now I just feel dumb because well I fell for it. I hardly ever get sucked into these things and go public about it. Man! That really burns me up.


Oh the Parodies

So after I ranted about Savetoby.com I thought, man, what if I made a site called Shavetoby.com. You know if I don't get $50,000.00 by June 30, 2005 my cat Toby is gonna DIE (of embarassment)." Someone beat me to it. I present ShaveToby.com. And that site has raised $2000.00 so far.

Save Toby.com

If you haven't heard this yet there is a website out there called SaveToby.com. You might think that it is a site to raise money for a sick animal or person. No it is not, it is a site to keep one bunny alive by NOT EATING HIM! The owner or owners of the site and of Toby are asking for $50,000.00 or they will eat Toby on June 30, 2005.

Okay, this one is from the mind of some sick bastards. I normally do not use foul language on this blog because much of my family reads this but this one makes me mad, and for a few good reasons. (so I apologize for the use of some blue language.)

1.) This is obviously a way to get money by playing on the sympathies of good people who love animals. And there are people who will donate alot of money to see that Toby is not eaten. These guys are emotional terrorists. They are playing on the fears of animal lovers and attempting to coerce money from those people to prevent the death of Toby. This is the definition of terrorism "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons." They may not technically be doing something illegal but what they are doing I see as emotional terrorism. These guys are threatening to eat Toby unless they get money, they are coercing it from the people who care about what happens to Toby. And one should not negotiate to terrorists or give them what they want. These guys want money, don't give it to them. Unfortunately this will result in Toby's death. But if these guys get no money then maybe some other person won't try to do something similar in the future.

2.) This is upsetting to many people who love animals. To be torn between giving money to save Toby's life and not giving money because these jerks should not get one dime. Animals hold a special place in alot of good people's hearts and the thought of someone basically ransoming the life of their pet for $50,000.00 or else the pet is eaten is sick.

3.) What is to stop the copycats. If some other nimrod gets their mind set on making a quick buck from a scheme like this what is to stop them.

4.) GoDaddy.com is terrible. Shamelessly promoting themselves by hosting controversial sites. Why weren't they casualties of the dotcom crash.

5.) It is all about money, coercing money from good people through their emotional fear of what will happen to an innocent pet. There is a gift shop where you can buy Save Toby t-shirts. If this isn't a clue about the site being a blatant way to coerce money from people then I don't know what is. These guys have a book deal coming out detailing the whole saga of Savetoby.com. Honestly, if they do end up eating Toby I bet you that the skeleton will go up on ebay, the sickos.

So I read through the entire Savetoby.com site and the more I read the madder I got, not just from Toby being eaten. People eat Rabbits all the time, they are on restaurant menus. What is really sticking in my craw is the smugness of the guys who came up with this site. They take their hate mail and tear it apart in a very smug manner. Of course most people who are writing the hate mail cannot spell and their arguments are not well formed at all. And they use tons of profanity. It just fuels the fire of these guys and makes the writers of the hate mail the butt of the joke.

There really is nothing legally that can be done to stop these guys. Unfortunately good people with kind hearts can't bear to see Toby die. It is terrible if he does but it is more terrible to give these guys money. Because if they make their $50,000.00 then nothing will stop another person from coming along and one-upping this for money. There has already been $25,000.00 raise to save Toby. There should have been not one red cent given to these guys, not one cent!

But to put this into perspective this is one bunny. Many die each day in testing and other atrocious ways. Yes, Toby should be kept safe and not eaten. But there are alot worse things happening out there in this world. Don't give these guys another cent. Donate money to your local animal shelter to help out animals. Educate your children that cruelty to animals and playing on people's emotions is the act of a cowardice.

That's my stance on this. Agree, Disagree? Let me know. I'm interested to hear what people have to say about this.

Photo-A-Day #7 04/15/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
It arrived today. The guys just left after they set up our new Lift Top table. No more sitting on the floor for dinner. We can sit at the couch and magically have our food lifted to a comfortable position. Very exciting. Thank you Marcia! Marcia bought the table as Allison's shower gift.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Photo-A-Day #6 04/14/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Today I went to the Ice Cream Machine in Cumberland, RI. I took my motorcycle for a ride and ended up there. I also passed 1000km with my bike, kinda sad seeing as I've had it for three seasons and have only put that many miles on it. But this season will be much better, I plan to fill the bike up for its third, fourth and probably fifth time this season. (It gets 70+ miles to the gallon and holds 3 gallons in the tank. or some version of that same scenarios but with metric. Either way it goes a long way between fill ups.). I took a picture at 1000km too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Photo-A-Day #5 04/13/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Today I spent the day at a trade show. This photo is about as exciting as it was all day long. Maybe I'll get a better photo tomorrow. Don't fall asleep viewing this.

Shocking behavior on Broadway...

I'll get to that later.

Today I was at a trade show as you can tell from the Photo-A-Day photo that I took there. It was an interesting experience but there was no-one there. We had maybe 5 people come and talk to us. But I got a free pen and a couple of beanie babies that some of the other vendors were giving out.

Could of random things.

I'm currently reading a new comic strip called Real Life Comics, and finally you can go through the whole archive and get caught up on the past strips. Another strip that I have had alot of fun reading is called Lost and Found. It is about a Private Investigator and his talking dog Max. It is a pretty good strip too.

Okay, Broadway is the street that intersects with Church street. After I got home from the trade show I took a walk with my sister Tara and when we were walking on Broadway, just a block away from Church Street, there were three little girls riding bikes on the opposite side of the street. The first little girl had to be about 6 or 7 and she is tearing along the sidewalk and lets out this ear piercing scream. Instinctively we turn our heads toward her and the scream. She looks at us and says in the most cynical and sarcastic way, "Whatter you looking at!". Tara and I were both a little shocked, I mean here is a six year old screaming and then giving us the same attitude that comes from years of practice at being a grade A b!tch. So we said nothing and kept walking but as we walked along a couple of responses came to me, such as, "The poster child for birth control!" , "Nothing, just thinking how you would make someone a great soul sucking ex-wife someday." But we were just shocked at the way she said "Whatter you looking at!" It made me feel that her head was about to spin and the pea soup was moments away.

Also in other news, Wisconsinites wanna get their cat shooting on. Question #62 passed, however there is no change to law at this time. What Happened?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Photo-A-Day #4 04/12/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This photo is fitting after today's post about the Wisconsin vote on question #62 regarding making feral cats an unprotected species. I was given a great link to a group called WisconsinCAT, or the Wisconsin Cat-Action Team, a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Wisconsin's domestic cats. Thier website is called http://www.dontshootthecat.com/. And so today's picture is of Oliver and Duncan. My furry representatives who are not in favor of their feral bretheren becoming target practice for gun toting-cheese heads. (That is what they called 'em)

Wisconsin, not just for cheese....

apparently there is a large population of feral cats in Wisconsin. And there was a meeting last night by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress to decide if Feral cats would fall into the category of an unprotected species. I read about this first on Jay Dyke's site called The Mows, a cartoon about his cats. And he has his statement on the subject. Jay Dyke's Statement. One very good point that he makes is regarding his utter frustration with feral cats coming into his home and his chasing them away by use of a broom and hissing, water and finally throwing rocks at them (a last resort) and mistaking is very own cat Indy for a feral cat. I guess the point is, if a person who is the owner of a cat can mistake it for a feral cat, how easy would it be for a hunter to make the same mistake, not much you can do after the cat is already dead.

Feral cats are a big problem all over the place. My sister traps feral cats to make sure that they are spayed and neutered through a volunteer program with a local animal shelter, something the owners of cats should do. They cats are trapped an released. Allison and my sisters have all been volunteers with Petsmart to help people adopt abandoned cats. Our boys were feral cats at one time too. There are other ways to deal with feral cats then with guns.

To think that if Oliver or Duncan were to get out and that they could be shot and killed (accidentally of course because hunters who can't tell the difference between their buddy Clem and a moose probably won't be observant enough to notice if a cat has a collar on or not) makes me sick to my stomach. It also makes me sick to my stomach to think of them getting out and getting into a fight with another cat and ending up with Feline Aids, or Feline Leukemia. Something needs to be done to control these populations and take the dangerous and sick cats out of the populace, and that responsibility relies on owners of sick cats to keep them inside and away from other cats, and the humane society and local animal shelters, not in the hands of hunters. I hope this doesn't go through in Wisconsin. I'd like to think that they could search for other solutions.

The Humane Society of the US condemns this proposal. (As it should)

Learn how to protect your cats.

JR Left me this site in the comments


Monday, April 11, 2005

Marriage Preparation Class

Yesterday Allison and I went to the Marriage Preparation class or rather Pre-Cana (no water into wine, apparently that was a one time thing.) Anyway it was a nice afternoon, all in all. I for one was never against the idea of going and spending a day talking about the issues that will come up in marriage. I think it is important to do that and sometimes you need a day like that to get the ball rolling on discussions that you should be having. I could tell that many of the guys there (33 couples in all) really felt that it was a waste of their time, however it was a quality day and it does really matter what you put into these sort of things. The volunteer couples were all very nice. I would have liked having a more intimate setting with less engaged couples, 33 was alot and we didn't really get much chance to socialize with other people, and then there were the folks that we were glad we weren't socializing with specifically that one young woman who constantly was talking about how great their wedding would be, and it was in that way where she was really saying that our wedding will be much better than yours. She was annoying, and rather loud.

The food was very good and the format was also good. There would be a short talk and then an activity then a discussion between Allison and I, and then another talk and the format would repeat. I don't think there was enough time to really answer each question and really talk about them. But at the same time I also wouldn't have wanted to have been there the entire night either. It was a good day though.

Photo-A-Day #3 04/11/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is one of my favorite things hanging in my house. My Aunt made this for me when I was very young. It is latch-hook. I recently found this same scene as a I-PAQ theme. I'll be changing my I-PAQ to this theme eventually. You gotta love Snoopy and Woodstock.

Sahara was #1 this weekend!!!

Yes Sahara, beat out Fever Pitch and took the top spot away from Sin City. It didn't gross blockbuster money but hey its only the first weekend.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Photo-A-Day #2 04/10/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
This is the front of the church were Allison and I spent the day in our Marriage Preparation class.

Oliver is Ready for Episode III

"Look at me! I'm playing Star Wars. I am Darth-Oliver, I've come to scratch up your furniture and distract you with my cuteness. Check out my sweet Sith-like hood, yeah I know it is a fleece blanket, work with me here people, it is called imagination. So anyway I am all big and bad till those rebel scum take out their secret weapon, the suction starfighter (vaccum cleaner), it just turns my dark side powers yellow, gotta run!"

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Birthday day

Today after my ride, Allison and I headed to Framingham to the Premium Cinemas to go and see Sahara. First impressions: The movie was a great action movie, so much good about it. Characters: Admiral Sandecker, William H. Macy did a good job as Sandecker however Sandecker dyes his beard to keep any grey out of it. Macy's beard was grey. He did have the trademark cigars however and that is important. I don't think the movie Sandecker was tenacious enough, but he did still get the job done. Rudi Gunn: Okay you got the glasses right but Rainn Wilson is a bit too pudgy to be playing Gunn who is a skinny little pencil pusher on the outside but a tough former Navy guy when pushed. Gunn seemed confused when with Pitt and Giordino but then again most everyone is. They are a tight pair. However his scientific knowledge was shown very well. Giordino, Okay I had my doubts about Steve Zahn as Al Giordino, he was awesome, but he wasn't the Giordino that I have come to know in the Dirk Pitt Series. But that was not necessarily a bad thing. Zahn made Giordino come alive but a different Giordino. And that was okay. Zahn provided much of the movies humor and Gunn provided the rest but playing the straight man to the manic Zahn and the ever confident Pitt. Dirk Pitt, Matthew McConaughy was fantastic as Pitt. They got the look down and the mannerisms and the eyes they got the eyes right. Dirk Pitt's eyes are a huge part of the books, whether they are soulful or dangerous and of course opaline green. McConaughy played the ever confident and never rattled Pitt so very well, it made me believe that he stepped off the pages of the book.

The story: The story was a big deviation from the book but it was a great story in itself. It is impossible to pack every character and plot twist from a Cussler novel into a mere 2 hours and 7 minutes, but the adaptation of the book to movie was done very well. It had many of elements that make a Dirk Pitt novel so great. Multiple plotlines and many characters, lots of actions and impossible odds. That is was makes Pitt such a great character, he always goes for the impossible. One thing I didn't particularly like was a transition that was all too quick and that had to do with the land yahct. The chemistry: I think the only character who was really wooden was Penelope Cruz, she's the poor man's Catherine Zeta Jones or Selma Hayek. Although I think that Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz would have been interchangeable in this role. But oh well. The core four, Sandecker, Gunn, Giordino and Pitt had great chemistry, they had the bickering and bantering down pat. The scenes with Pitt and Giordino were great, it really felt like they were friends from back when they were in kindergarten. That was one of the great things about the movie. And there were lots and lots of explosions, but the way the explosions happened were like nothing I've seen before in movies. The Soundtrack: Seventies rock and roll, you can't beat that, it was a great choice for the feel of the movie. I would certainly see this movie again and will definitely see it again when it comes to the Route One Cinema Pub, Dad and I are going to see it then.

The location: The Framingham Premium Cinemas as always was great, we got a plate of appetizers and all the popcorn and soda that we wanted.

After the movie we went to Jordans furniture to look for a lift top coffee table. They didn't have a good selection so we went to Bob's Discount furniture and found one that we liked and bought it. It should be delivered on Friday. No more sitting on the floor for dinner. We then headed home and went to Cardi's Furniture to see if any of the tables were better but didn't find one. And then we went to the Memphis Roadhouse for a rib dinner. It was really cold there but luckily they shut off the overzealous fan just as we left, one hour after we asked the fan to be turned down. Way to be on top of things.

When I got home Tara and I set up the wireless Router so that she and Erik could have Internet Access and so could Mom and Dad. I'm actually writing this entry on my laptop wirelessly. Too bad that Allison and I are locked into a year long contract with Verizon for DSL. Oh well, live and learn.

So, today is my 31st birthday. Last night we had pizza and ice cream cake with my parents and Tara and Erik. Dad got me a great Harley shirt and pin. The shirt was from a shop in Orlando the pin was from Ocean State Harley in Rhode Island. Today Allison is taking me to see Sahara. This morning my Dad took me for breakfast at JD's downtown. After that I took the motorcycle out for a ride around the farms. The weather was awesome. I was so excited to get back out on the bike that I almost forgot that my registration and new stickers were still in the house. It would have been my luck to have gotten stopped. I started the Photo-A-Day project today with a photo of the motorcycle.

A great link to a funny comic from PVP today.

Read this article first.

Then read the comic.

Also something strange is happening with trivia. It still shows yesterday's scores and I wasn't able to play.

Photo-A-Day #1 04/09/05

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
Today was my first ride on the motorcycle of the season. There is still a lot of sand out there but only on the intersections. It was great to get out and ride around.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Couple of Changes

Take a look at the sidebar. I have removed the Lost poll, since Boone has already died this past Wednesday, (still can't believe I called that wrong.). And Instead of the Lovefest MoBlog I have made the link to a new MoBlog for the year in pictures, or rather Photo-a-Day. I will try to take and post an image each day for an entire year. And that will start tomorrow. So look for the daily images.

Who did it?

Who gave Drew too much sugar this morning? It wasn't me. I was still half asleep when he left the house... I Swear it!

Sahara Opens TODAY!!!!!

This just In!! My wonderful, soon to be wife, is going to take me to the Premium (leather seats and beer and all the popcorn you want) Cinemas in Framingham tomorrow to see Sahara for my birthday!!!

Okay, most of you know from talking to me that I tend to get excited about things and really obsess over them, and that is pretty much my feeling on the new movie Sahara. I have been preparing for my enjoyment of this movie by reading every Dirk Pitt novel from the first to the last over the past several months. I am up to Flood Tide, the second book I ever read of Cussler's back when I started at traveling for work and before I found out that my future father-in-law was also a fan of Clive Cussler. So I was lucky to have been able to raid his stash of Cussler Novels and read them too. Sahara the book was very good but I think that my real connection with the characters happened with Shock Wave, the book right before Flood Tide. Because as I reread and finished that book on this past Tuesday I really connected with the pain that Dirk Pitt was going through and I forgot how that carried over to the book Flood Tide which takes place mere months after the evens of Shock Wave. Reading these books is like stepping directly into an adventure and I am so looking forward to being able to be immersed in the adventure of Sahara on the big screen.

I've tried not to look at too much online about the movie because I really don't like spoilers when it is for something I've waited so long to see. I want to see this movie either today or tomorrow so that I don't have anything else revealed in a trailer. But I did link to the Sahara website and man, they've done alot with it. And I found that Matthew McConaughey has his own blog through MTV about his 38 day trip across the USA to promote Sahara in an Airstream. The idea was to go from RV park to RV park across the US, stop at some military bases to screen the film, stop at some colleges to screen the film, pass out hats and t-shirts and go out and meet the people. I read the blog and it is some good stuff. Here is a link to the first entry. Saharastream of consciousness..

So if you want to see a movie that is going to be fun and exciting go and see Sahara this weekend. Because if more people see it then we will get more Dirk Pitt adventures and believe me we need some more Dirk Pitt adventures on the big screen. But I would also recommend that you see the adventures for the first time in your minds eye by reading the Dirk Pitt series of novels from Clive Cussler.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lost Update

Okay I was wrong, they do kill off the person that they hint will die in the promo from the past week. WHAT! I mean, I thought he was gonna live and the death would happen in a later episode. I was wrong. But the island gives life and the island takes it away. Mystery baby has been born. A healthy baby boy. And the previews for upcoming episodes looks pretty cool too.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

1st Solo Demo.

Okay, so today I did my first demonstration on my own, without a net. It went well. The sales guys seemed pretty happy with my performance. I personally, think that I did okay but will do better next time because I know where mistakes were made. Now I am observing another demonstration and this guy is really polished, I'm going to be that polished someday too.

But I'm sitting here behind all the doctors and one guy has something on the back of his shirt. It may be dirt, a dead bug or a booger, I don't know! But all I want to do is reach over and flick it off. I probably shouldn't do so though. I can't concentrate, my eyes keep getting drawn to this mysterious speck. My only hope is that he has a violent coughing fit and it falls off. Not that I want him in discomfort but I can't stop staring at the spot. It's like talking to someone with a bat in the cave or something in their teeth. It's distracting. And being subtle doesn't always work. So I try not to be rude and wait till they stop and take a breath so I can say, "Go like this (motions finger across teeth, or two fingers squeeze the sides of my nose.)" And if I say that to you don't ask me, "What, a booger, or do I have something in my teeth?" YES! What, do you think I just want you to look silly, NO. I want you to take out that three inch piece of asparagus that is precariously seconds away from flying out of your mouth and onto my face. The same goes for crumbdusters, wipe your mouth, don't make me point it out to you.

The speck is still there. Must control... Flick.... Of Death....

God, I need a PDA with a qwerty keyboard.

Okay, guy with speck on shirt, which I think was a dead fly, has left. What I am now also noticing by being in the back of the room is that someone should invent a better way for someone to see the back of their own heads. Some folks really have nice hair and others need to see the back of their own heads. Occasionally running your hand through your hair might help too. Yeah, I've given these things way too much thought.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm in Iowa

Well, I just landed in Iowa, got to the hotel. They gave me a Toyota Matrix, not a bad little car. I finished Shockwave by Clive Cussler and will probably start Flood Tide on the flights back on Thursday. Nothing much to report on today. At least this hotel has free high speed Internet.

I just realized that I do have a few things to talk about.

1.) The guy who was badly burned on my street is in ICU at Brigham and Womens. He was airlifted from Sturdy. Our neighbor who helped the guy who was burned, was also burned on his hands.

2.) While on the plane I found a couple of interesting websites on the American Way magazine pages.

The first on is called Wannado, it is an amusement park for kids who want to try different types of jobs. This place lets them be surgeons for a day and things like that. They have dummies with realistic skin and the kids scrub in and work on the dummies. They can also be bankers and grocery store owners, pizza makers, and firefighters and things like that. There is one Wannado City in Orlando and they are looking to expand to other cities. Sounds like an interesting thing to do with your kids, if you have kids.

The second site was Ecreamery. This site lets you custom make your own ice cream. But be warned it is wicked expensive. One gallon in 4 quart containers is $89.95 I love ice cream and always wanted a strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips in it but that ridiculous. I'm gonna get me some chips and strawberry ice cream and a mixer. And maybe save $85.00. Check them out though, they have some wacky flavors like Rose and Maize. And some weird toppings like cheddar cheese. Yeah I'd like the Nachito flavored icecream, make sure it has extra jalapenos.

The last site is for Custom M&M's. And the pricing on this is a little bit more reasonable. You can have your own custom messages on the M&M's. So for wedding favors and whatnot. Although if you go that route on your wedding favors you better have some bucks. The smallest package is $3.25 each with a minimum order of 16 packages or $60.00.

Monday, April 04, 2005

My iPAQ and its new look

Today I gave my iPAQ a little TLC tune-up. I have been neglecting this little device for a while because we had a falling out over the way it was handling my Microsoft money files. Well I got MS money 2005 and the interface with the Pocket PC platform is so much better that I am going to give it another try. Allison got me this Pocket PC for my birthday in 2003. I've taken it on every trip since then and used the MS money Pocket PC version to keep track of my spending on the road so that when I return I just need to synchronize my iPAQ with the computer and all my transactions will be in the system. No duplication of work. And it all worked great until I lost my data and then the program stopped synching correctly. Well I then used my Flash/Pen drive to keep the MS money file and was able to just put information into MS money on either the work computer or the home computer. And that works great. But I missed my little iPAQ and today I gave it a little upgrade. I got the latest version of Personal Vehicle Manager, (it tracks fuel purchases and maintenance costs.) and I got a couple of pocket PC themes. I found a great site for free themes called PocketThemes. So I got a bunch of Snoopy Themes for the Today page of Pocket PC. So the iPAQ feels all shiny and new again.

Fire: Part 2

This morning I drove by the house that had the fire. The whole garage was scorched and the fire ran aup the side of the house. Our local newspaper has an article about what happened.

Sun Chronicle.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fire on Church Street....

So this afternoon I spent helping my dad get his new office and storage unit set up. (Office for him storage unit for everyone else, he's getting that look like living out in the woods all alone is sounding better and better.) And Dad got Comcast Cable Internet, or broadband or whatever. And I set it up on my mother's computer. While I was setting it up. I heard these panicked cries, And they sounded like the cats, so I ran into my apartment and the cats were fine. So I went back tot he computer, then I heard some sirens and they were coming up the street. Dad and I ran through the house, through the apartment and out the front stairs to see our neighbors all over their yards and fire trucks, police and ambulances all over the street. Big billowing smoke came was flowing out of a house up the street. Apparently a guy at the house was working on his car. Hey was taking bolts off of a gas tank. The tank had been drained and the gas put into a bucket. A spark from the grinder on the bolts ignited the gas in the bucket. The second guy working on the car grabbed the bucket to throw it outside, he tripped and spilled it on the first guy. Who ran across the street on fire and ended up on my next door neighbor's lawn. My next door neighbor helped put out the flames and another neighbor called the fire department. We live literally 30 seconds from both the police and the fire station and that was about how long it took them to get here after they were called. The N.A. Fire and Police Departments are very prompt. Meanwhile the fire spread from the garage to the house and whipped through the first floor of the house. Here are some pictures I took of the event.

I have no idea how they were able to get that ladder up in that space.

This was right after we got outside. There would be two more ambulances and three or four more fire trucks within the next five minutes. And I couldn't believe how many people came from all over to see what was going on, people kept coming up from down the street. I can still see people milling about. And this occurred at 1:00 today.

Also the guy was badly burned but he was conscious when they put him in the ambulance. He looked alert and hopefully will recover.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II dies at 84

Pope John Paul II died today at 9:37pm (2:37pm EST). We've been watching the news most of the day about the Pope's deteriorating health. There are many things that this Pope did that were revolutionary and his time as Pope has changed the Catholic church in many positive ways. There are still some changes that I feel need to take place but now is not the time to talk of them. Now is the time to remember a man who was in many senses of the word, great. He was great in his humility and his service to his people. He was great in bringing together the world's youth as evidenced by his support of young people and the overwhelming crowds of youth who were in the square today. Yes the world will mourn his passing but will celebrate the great things that he accomplished as Pope.

We watched mostly NECN throughout the day and one of the members of our church Ernie Colamatti was on as an expert. I did a double take when I heard his name, I was like, hey he sits up front at church, I know his son and wife.

The Vatican website already has changed to reflect the Pope's passing.

Vatican Website.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Mitch Hedberg, Frank Perdue

Actor/Comedian Mitch Hedberg passed away of a heart attack today. Allison and I are watching his comedy central special. He was a funny guy. Here is an article detailing more about mitch and his life. Also here is another link with some of Mitch's quotes. Mitch's website has been taken down. No memorial page there yet. His site is www.mitchhedberg.net/ but I'm not sure if anything will be posted there. After the special there was an in memoriam photo and final quote by mitch which he ended his special with, "I love you guys" and under his picture and the dates of his life and death it said we loved you too. I won;t lie it kinda got me a bit choked up.

Frank Perdue also passed away today. I really miss the Perdue chicken ads that he used to do. His son is funny also but I really liked Frank's comercials. The Perdue website has photo of Frank on the first page of the website.

Goodbye Mitch and Frank.

Also as we know Pope John Paul II's health is rapidly deteriorating. Let us pray that he does not suffer too long. MSNBC has some great information about the life of Pope John Paul II. At the vatican's website there is a place to send well wishes via e-mail to Pope John Paul II. The Vatican's website is pretty high tech and up to date. So many things in so many different languages.

Oregon Trail

I found this through Rob's website. Do you remember the Oregon Trail back in grade school. Well this is the version for the Apple IIC or something like that. We used to have an Apple IIC but didn't have this game. I had The Bard's Tale which I really really liked. And of course Print shop which I used all the time to make posters and cards and flyers. Anyway back at SMSH we would play Oregon trail once every other month for about 1/2 an hour with 3 kids to a computer. Can you imagine playing Oregon Trail with two other people when all you had to do is make yes and no choices. Man we were disadvantaged growing up with computers. It's surprising that I even know how to turn one on.

Anyway this is how I fared on my trip along the Oregon Trail. I was almost there and ran out of food and everyone in the party died. But doesn't that always happen? But I think my problem was buying too much ammunition and not enough food. Then I tried to hunt and oh well that was pitiful. But I almost made it to the end. Then everyone started kicking off day after day.

Can you do better? Oregon Trail.

Bottle of Dom...

Yesterday Tara and Erik closed on their house. They are all moved into the apartment and they are giving away stuff like crazy. Come on over and you might pick up something nice for you and the kids.

Last night they shared with us the most expensive bottle of champagne I'll probably ever drink. A bottle of Dom 1995, that would have made a car payment for me. It was a gift to Erik from Bob Kraft. Yeah, that Bob Kraft. Anyway we all had a little bit of the bottle last night and it was really good, and for that price it better be. The bubbles just kept coming. It was a very good bottle.

Saved for a special occasion.

It just kept bubbling.

Yesterday I also went for a ride to check out a condo in Whitinsville. It is about the same amount of time to get from work to the condo as it is to get from work to home. Maybe 5 minutes less. We haven't gotten pre-approval yet so we haven't actually gone into places to see them, I think we'll get through the wedding and all the planning before we really start to look in earnest. Anyway here are some pictures of the condos.

These have all been done over. The neighborhood is kinda trailer park-esque. Lots of kids all over the place and people all over their front stoops. These haven't been sold hence no people.

This is the other condo. This one is going for $149,000 for the end units and $124,000 for the middle units. There are people living in them already. I don't know if they are moving out and then the place is being refurbed or what. This is only two streets over from the other condos and is near a school and a more affluent area. Big difference between the two streets. Behind the condo their was a grill for each unit. I think there are at least 6 units in that building.

Trivia Winners

Here are the top 10 winners from last month. New Tournament starts today. Get in early and play often.

77 players played during the month.

1. dbarryzzz (481 points, 6 wins)
2. roller74 (464 points, 3 wins)
3. abennett48 (443 points, 1 wins)
4. ahami (410 points, 2 wins)
5. Jim (381 points, 0 wins)
6. samjan (378 points, 2 wins)
7. tvossen (375 points, 2 wins)
8. triviamonkey (360 points, 1 wins)
9. Hoba (357 points, 0 wins)
10. angel11 (344 points, 0 wins)

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